Enjoy California


Before your trip - everything you need to know

Your next trip will be to California? What a great idea! The West Coast of the United States has the power to transform us from the inside. The change of scenery is guaranteed when you explore the Pacific coast.

The desert landscapes are incredible, the roads are immense, and the national parks are a must-see. You come back from your stay in California marveling at having seen in real life the vast spaces of the American West shown in Hollywood TV series and films.

Traveling in California is like starring in your own movie. Once you’ve made the decision to go to California, you might be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.

Going to the United States is not easy: you have to think about getting your ESTA, make sure you can pay in dollars with your usual credit cards, and manage the time difference. Moreover, with its 423,970 square kilometers, California is the third-largest state in the United States after Alaska and Texas. It’s enormous! There are a thousand possible itineraries, from the most classic to those off the beaten path.

Where to begin? How to prepare your trip? Which excursions to book in advance? What is the cheapest and most convenient flight to California? Which route to take to see as much as possible during your road trip on the California coast? Is it possible to visit both Southern California and Northern California on the same trip?

In this blog focused on traveling in California and in this section, we will help you organize your trip in the Golden State. One, two, three, let’s go!